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The Traveler for January 2022 has been published

The Traveler for January 2022 has been published. You can read this month’s edition by clicking on the image above. If you would like to have The Traveler as well as some of the other email publications from the ACA World Service Organization delivered directly to your email inbox you can create or modify your subscription here:

New Year Phone Meeting 2021-2022

Holidays can be stressful for some, particularly all those holidays around the New Year. From Friday 31st December 2021 @ 5:00 am – Sunday 2nd January 2022 @ 3:00 am EST you are invited to join in an ACA telephone meeting. For more information and call in information navigate to the ACA WSO calendar at

Audio Recordings for the 2021 ACA World Convention are now available

The audio recordings of presentations from the 2021 AWC are now available online. Listen to

  • The Loving Parent Guidebook – An Introduction
  • Boundaries for ACA
  • From Trauma to Healing to Thriving
  • and much much more

These recordings as well as accompanying materials can be downloaded for free at For those who are so moved there is a button to make a 7th Tradition donation.

You are invited to the Toronto ACA Annual Conferece

We have been invited to join the folk in Toronto at their Annual Conference on November 6 and 7. For many of us we discovered that we needed ACA Recovery through relationships that were not working for a whole bucket load of reasons. The Theme for the Toronto conference will be “Relationships in ACA Recovery.” Please see below for a descriptive flyer for the event and for the event schedule.

Please note: if you’d like to attend you will need to pre-register. There is a link at the bottom of the Event Flyer.

Ready Set GO!! has sessions now schedule through Feb 2022

Four sessions of Ready Set GO!! are now planned through February. For information on each session please click the links below.

Make Paypal Donations – Fee Free

Having the ability to make donations to the West Great Lakes ACA Intergroup (WGLACA) by credit card has made donating very convenient and the item on the right sidebar has provided a Donate button and, for you techies, a QR code for quite some time. These links provide a convenient way to donate to the Intergroup using a credit card. But what if you have a Paypal Account, isn’t it supposed to be Fee Free? Yes, it is but you may not know the “trick” to paying directly from your Paypal account and avoid the fees.

There are a couple of requirements:

  • You must have a paypal account.
  • The money you want to donate must be in the account. (You can transfer from your connected bank account and then donate)

If these two requirements are true then please check out these instructions and send your money through your Paypal account and avoid the fees.

Ready Set GO!! – Two new sessions added (AM and PM)

Two new sessions of Ready Set GO!! have been added in the AM and the PM. In addition to the May/June Sessions that are currently underway, new sessions have been added for July/August

Ready Set GO!! is an introduction for ACA newcomers to gain clarity and understanding while becoming acquainted with the ACA program, the ACA 12 Steps and the Inner Child in 6 weeks. RSG also supports the experienced member. Ready Set GO!! prepares members for when they will feel ready to go through the ACA 12 Step Workbook.

There is a great deal of excitement this year around the Ready Set GO!! program and literature this year as it moves through the final stages toward publication. These programs are based on that new publication.

AM Sessions

TUESDAYS, MAY 4, 11,18, 25, JUNE 1, 8, 2021 (WEB0458) (TEL0462)
THURSDAYS, JULY 8, 15, 22, 29, AUGUST 5, 12, 2021 (WEB0543) (TEL0472)
10:00am ET, 9:00am CT, 8:00am MT, 7:00am PT

PM Sessions

TUESDAYS, MAY 4, 11, 18, 25, JUNE 1, 8, 2021
THURSDAYS, JULY 8, 15, 22, 29, AUGUST 5, 12, 2021
6:30pm ET, 5:30pm CT, 4:30pm MT, 3:30pm PT

For more information and instruction on how to attend and get materials please click below for the flyer of your choice, either AM or PM (or both).

Click to download flyer for AM Sessions
Click to download flyer for PM Sessions

Ready Set GO!! for May – June

It is not too early to plan for the May – June Session of Ready Set GO!! Whether you are a new ACA looking for an overview/introduction to the program or a seasoned veteran in need of a refresher course Ready Set GO!! is the place for you.

Please click the picture obove to download the Flyer for the event. It has details and introductory information.

The May-June session will be held on Tuesdays from May 4 – June 8 from 9:00 am – 11:00 am (CST)

Ready Set GO! is a 6 week introductory program of the ACA program, the ACA 12 Steps and an introductory Inner Child Workshop “Awakening My Little One”. It is a meeting/workshop with Q&A and sharing time giving participants opportunity to be a leader or ask questions or more clarity.

RSG runs 6 consecutive weeks:

● Week 1: Introduction, Steps 1, 2, 3
● Week 2: Steps 4, 5
● Week 3: Steps 6, 7, 8, 9
● Week 4: Steps 10, 11, 12
● Week 5: Part 1 – RSG Inner Child Workshop
● Week 6: Part 2 – RSG Inner Child Workshop

All RSG introductory meetings are registered and closed meetings. RSG has been developed especially to support newcomers while also being beneficial to the experienced member.

We direct our participants to donate the 7th tradition and have recently started including our meeting ID in our flyer. We hope that would cover our 7th Tradition.

If you are interested please send an email to Toni at and she will send you a packet of information to get you ready for the experience and the program that you will follow during the program.

The Laundry List, A Way Out – Workshop, Jan 30

John D led a workshop on the Laundry List, A Way Out on January 30, 2021 at Noon (Central Time). The presentation will be from 12:00 – 1:30 PM with comments from 1:30 – 3:00 PM. It was great way to kick start your recovery work for the new year.

Please see below for materials from that program, including video, audio, handout and the Living Intentionally booklet that John referred to during the program. Please Note: the Question and Answer session is coming soon.

This event is being sponsored by the newly minted West Great Lakes ACA Intergroup retreat committee who has been working at creating Recovery Events for our area and beyond. We thank them for their service and excitment Donations to help defray costs and help with additional opportunities during the year can be made at

Please Click here for the program handout.

Please Click here for the Living Intentionally Booklet John made available after the program

The Laundry List – A Way Out – Presentation Audio
John D – The Laundry List – A Way Out – Presentation – Video
The Laundry List – A Way Out – Q & A