2020 Annual Conference Resources

West Great Lakes ACA Intergroup 9th Annual Conference

Inviting the World

October 17-18, 2020

Our Journeys to Emotional Sobriety

Please see below for the Audio and presentations from our speakers.

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DAY 1 – October 17

8:00 (13:00 UTC) – Greetings with music and slideshows

Conference Begins

9:00 (14:00 UTC) – “Expression of One’s Trueself” music by Jan R.

9:15 – State of the West Great Lakes Intergroup by Matt K.
For the Audio of this presentation: State of the WGLACA Audio

9:30 – “Emotional Needs of the Inner Child are Similar to the Needs of ACA Newcomers” w/ Q & A by Charlie H.
    For the audio for this presentation click this link: Emotional Needs of ACA Newcomers
    For a PDF copy of the presentation: Presentation

11:00 – “Setting and Keeping Healthy Boundaries” w/ Q & A by Helen W.
    For the Handout click this link: https://bit.ly/315jzNI
For the Audio of this presentation: Healthy Boundaries Audio

12:30 – WSO report highlighting the 2020 ABC & AWC by Jeff F.
For the Audio of this Presentation: WSO Report
For the video of the presentation: WSO Report Video
For a PDF the Presentation: WSO Report Presentation

12:50 – West Great Lakes Intergroup Elections

1:30 – Ready, Set, GO!! — Program Defined” by Dave S., Matt K., Toni P.
For the Audio of this Program: RSG-Program Defined

2:20 – Meditation by Jayne F.
For the Audio of this Program: Meditation by Jayne F.

2:30 – “Loving Parent Check-In” w/ Breakout Sessions and Q & A by Jaes S.
    For the Worksheet click on this link: http://bit.ly/LPCI2020
    For the Handout click on this link: http://bit.ly/LPHO2020
For Audio Download: Loving Parent Checking Audio
(Please note: due to a glitch, the audio after the breakout is not available)

4:20 – Closing Song by Jan R.
    For the Video of the closing song: https://youtu.be/E6v_oBRzWyQ

Day 2 – October 18

7:00 (12:00 UTC) – Greetings with music and slideshows

Conference Begins

8:00 (13:00 UTC) – Multi-Language Serenity Prayers

8:10 – Global Fellowship Panels , by Global Chair Sue V. (Canada)
For Audio click on this link: Global Fellowship Intro

8:25 – Global East (w/ Q & A ) Australia (Lawrence), Taiwan (Sean), China (Paul), & India (Sunil & Ankita)
For the Audio of Sean from Taiwan: Taiwan Audio
For the Audio of Paul from China: China Audio
For the Audio of the Q&A for Taiwan and China: Taiwan China Q&A Audio
For the Audio of Sunil from India: Sunil Audio
For the audio of Ankita: Ankita Audio
For the Audio of India Q & A: India Q&A Audio

9:30 – Global West (w/ Q & A ) Israel (Dalia), So. Africa (Keneilwe & Marion)
For the Audio of Dalia from Israel: Israel Audio
For the Audio of Keneilwe from South Africa: Keneilwe Audio
For the Audio of Marion from South Africa: Marion Audio

10:10 – Global Members Connection: The Next Steps w/ Q & A
For the Audio of Next Steps: Next Steps Audio

10:30 – Europe Fellowship Panel w/ Q & A
For the Audio of the European Fellowship Panel: European Fellowship Audio

11:30 – “First Step with Introduction to Sponsorship” w/ Q & A by Sarah O.
    For the How it works Booklet click on this Link: http://bit.ly/HIW2020
For the Audio of First Steps: First Steps Audio

1:00 – “Emotional Sobriety” w/ Q & A by Bill D.
For the Audio of Emotional Sobriety by Bill D: Emotional Sobriety Audio

2:30 – Serenity Closing Song by Ralph
For Ralph & Jayne’s Song