John D, Virtual Presentation on June 27th @ 10:00am CST

Midwest Regional Committee is spreading the word that IN Recovery Intergroup, serving Central Indiana and Fort Wayne, is presenting a live speaker event via Zoom, featuring John D.
Those of you who attended the 2019 West Great Lakes ACA Intergroup Annual Conference in October will remember that John D was our morning speaker.
John is an ACA Speaker with international experience.  He’s presented at the ACA World Conferences in San Diego, Toronto, and Malmo, Sweden.  It will be an amazing event, and there will be moderated interaction between attendees and John.
Important note:  Presentation starts at 10:00 Central Time – (Flyer is Eastern time zone)
Please share the flyer below with your ACA Fellow Travelers, and I hope to see you there as well!

Thank you,
Dave M.   (IN Recovery Intergroup)

Detailed Meeting Information:
Date:  Saturday, June 27th
Time:  10:00am to 2:00pm Central time
Zoom Phone Number:  312-626-6799
Zoom ID: 81782689970
Zoom Link:

Please Remember the times on the Flyer are Eastern Time!


The Traveler for June 2020 has been published

Please click below for this month’s “The Traveler” newsletter from the ACA World Service Organization. As always you can receive your own copy “hot off the press” directly from the WSO by subscribing at:


New Ready Set GO!! Dates and Materials for June through October

It is incredible to see how the Ready Set GO!! program has matured since it was first introduced. There are new presentations and audio files to introduce those interested and the workbook, while still under development is maturing as well.

New dates have been added through the fall, with sessions starting in June, July and September with each session running once a week for 6 weeks. These are all virtual meetings and can be accessed by computer, smartphone and regular phone.

Please see below for a new flyer with the new dates and links to the new material. Please read it carefully so you will be prepared and have everything in hand for your meetings.


Ready Set GO!! Materials have been updated

The draft materials for Ready Set Go are no longer available for direct download from our web site, however, a new welcome flyer is now available which points to new introductory material as well as how to get materials as you prepare to attend Ready Set GO!!

You can download the flyer from the link below. A new session is planned starting on June 6.


(IL123) Evanston – Saturday – 3PM had moved online

The Saturday 3:00 PM ACoA Meeting has moved from the North Shore Alano in Evanston to a Zoom Room found on the NSA website It can be found at the following internet address

With the Zoom software installed on your computer, tablet or smartphone you can click on the ACOA meeting reference and Zoom will prompt you for permission to load before it takes you to the Zoom Room.

You can install Zoom software on from this URL:

Telephone access it available but is more limited.
Dial +1 312 626 6799 and enter
Meeting ID: 943 0419 3107
and password 607607 to participant.

New Ready Set GO!! sessions have been added in May and June

Ready Set GO!! has become a program that many Adult Children are finding valuable. Even during this time of social distancing the demand had increased. Two new virtual sessions have been added, Thursday mornings in May and Saturday afternoons in June. Please see the flyer below for details. Please also feel free to download and print out a copy for your group.


Global Reach

Started the day today first by listening to how ACA was introduced and is growing in Israel, India and South Africa. Then listened in on a meeting of ACA from the German Speaking Region (Germany, Austria and Switzerland). Now moving on to new literature including the Loving Parent Guide book and Getting Started.

Also, there are just shy of 1000 people on the webinar. WOW.

A reflection on the ABC before we begin the AWC

Business meetings are normally pretty cut and dried. I rarely expect to be moved by a business meeting but I was moved by the truly global reach of our fellowship, particularly when we seem to relish in chopping us up into many different us and thems.

While it sounds like this is a normal part of the ABC closure hearing/seeing it for the first time brought a tear to my eye. Representatives from around the world recited the ACA serenity prayer in their primary language. French, Spanish, Dutch, German, Hebrew, Romanian are the ones I remember. Sometimes we think we are alone in this thing until we sit around the (virtual) table and see that we don’t suffer or recover alone. Seeing our fellowship alive on such a global level takes it to a completely new level for me.

Preparing for the AWC on Saturday – Sunday

The schedule has been posted for the Virtual ACA World Convention (AWC). It looks like there will be some very interesting talks. Conducting a virtual meeting like this offers some opportunities that we wouldn’t have available to us in a physical space.

For one, the schedule which you can find here shows that this is truly a global fellowship. A normal schedule (I’m guessing since I’ve never attended the AWC before), would have the participants go to events, have meals, go to sleep, and have some more events. This meeting will apparently follow the sun around the globe, not just in one location. There are speakers scheduled starting at 10AM Eastern Time on Saturday and running every two hours until 10AM Eastern on Sunday, every two hours, including European and Asian offerings in the wee hours of Sunday Morning.

Time to brew up some coffee and prepare for a very interesting marathon!

One last reminder. You will have to register to get the link for the meeting. You can do that here: