West Great Lakes ACA Intergroup

Chicagoland, SE Wisconsin, NW Indiana

Adult Children of Alcoholics and Dysfunctional Families

One of the ways that the West Great Lakes ACA Intergroup seeks to serve those in recovery in our area is to share events, opportunities, inspirational stories and other news on a timely basis.

There are two ways we share that information.

First is through our website (which you are viewing now) at https://westgreatlakesaca.org. Here, as items are available we will post articles to the website. Links to the most recent articles can be found on the top right and all previous posts can be found on our news page.

You can let our website send you an email each time we create a new article by adding your email address to the list at https://westgreatlakesaca.org/subscribe-to-news-feed. You will receive a confirmation email with a button to click and you will be good to go. Each time we create a new article on the website you will receive an email with that news. It is probably the best way to stay up to date.

The second way is through our email service MailChimp. From time to time we will create an email “blast” of important information for people in our area. Sometimes it will include one article, sometimes we will aggregate a number of items in one mailing. Normally we will update the website first and then create an email with this service later. If you’d like to be on this list you can sign up here.

Not sure which would be best for you. Try them both. Each offers a different way to view our news and each includes ways to taylor how you receive the news as well as to opt out of one or the other (or both!)

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