2022 ACA Business Conference Ballot Proposals Ready for Review

Town Hall Workshops To Aid Discussion in January

At the end of last year a request for proposals went out to ACA members. If enough groups agree these proposals will be brought to the floor at the upcoming Annual Business Conference for discussion. The proposals that were received are ready for our review.

Each ACA meeting has an opportunity to review the proposals and decide if they warrant coming to the floor of the Business Conference for discussion and a vote. The Board and appropriate committees have reviewed these proposals and added their analysis.

To help each meeting with their deliberations two workshops have been scheduled in order to hear more information from the proposers and for members to ask questions. The meetings will be held using Zoom on Saturday, January 22nd, 8PM Central and Sunday, January 30th, 9am Central. If you are unable to attend they will be recorded and made available at a later date

Voting will begin in February and instructions on how to submit your group’s consensus will be made available at that time.

The Proposals can be downloaded in three different languages and information about the Workshops can be found on the Ballot Prep page here: https://acawso.org/category/ballot-prep/

The announcement telling of the availablity of proposals and some general information can be found here: https://acawso.org/2022/01/08/2022-ballot-proposals-released-for-review/



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