2023 Dates for ACA Global Meetings

At the February Quarterly Delegate Meeting (QDM) we approved dates for upcoming Global Meetings and events. While we don’t yet have times set for these events we are able to pencil into our calendars the days these events will occur. Every local ACA group can elect a person to represent their group at the Annual Business Conference and the QDM and if you are not the elected Representative you are welcome to attend as an observer. Information about these meeting can be found here: https://www.acaworldconvention.org/. In order to encourage more worldwide participation we also decided at last year’s Annual Business Conference to have all these meetings virtually. This eliminates nearly all the cost of attending, maximizes potential participation and allows for some creative scheduling.

  • May 6-7: Annual Business Conference (ABC) – in addition to reports and other parliamentary business we will vote on the Ballot Proposals that we as a Global Fellowship have decided were important enough to bring to the floor for a discussion. More on that here.
  • Aug 5: Quarterly Delegate Meeting (QDM) – At the last ABC we decided that, in order to get through all the important business and not rush, we would schedule Quarterly Delegate Meetings to hand items that we could not get to in the Annual Meeting and items that might come up important enough to take on before the next meeting.
  • Sept 23-24: Annual World Convention – This event follows the sun. It is an opportunity to hear voices and stories of recovery from around the world and will run continuously for about 26 hours join for as little or as much as you want. You do not need to be elected to participate. All are welcome. As information becomes available you will find it at the Annual Business Conference and Annual World Convention web site.
  • Nov 4: QDM



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