2024 ballot proposals published and ready for review

Each year the ballot process solicits input from the ACA fellowship for issues and ideas for possible inclusion on the Annual Business Conference (ABC) agenda. Registered groups are invited to offer proposals of benefit to the groups and members, worldwide.

Once those proposals have been received the WSO Ballot Preparation Committee reviews the proposal, compiles them, adds a WSO analysis to help us better understand the proposals and then publishes them for review by the fellowship.

Each registered group has an opportunity to review the proposals and vote whether the group consensus agrees the proposals warrant being discussed at the ABC.

Here is the timeline for the voting process.

  • Jan 22 – Publication – Done
  • Feb 1 – Voting Opens
  • Feb 11, 17 – Proposal Town Halls (Zoom Connection information can be found at https://acawso.org/bpc/ )
  • Mar 16 – WGLACA IG Business Meeting – Ballot Proposals will be the agenda
  • Apr 15 – Taxes Due and Voting Closes
  • Apr 17 – Publications of Voting Results
  • May 18-19 – ABC

For more information and to get a copy of the proposals go to https://acawso.org/bpc/.



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