Another Chance ACA out of Kitchener is Sponsoring an Event to Support WSO

The pandemic has changed the way we’ve done things and one of the effects has been a significant drop in 7th Tradition gifts to help support the work of the WSO.

WSO translates and publishes literature in other languages, pays special workers to keep accounts and manage technology and maintains physical and virtual assets. For more information on that you can look at the message from the finance committee.

A group out of Kitchener is holding an event on April 29 that is worth the consideration of all Adult Children. For most of us attending in person is probably out of the question but they are making the three speakers available live remotely. They hope to raise $5000 to help WSO. We can take part in what the speakers have to say and help with the fund raising.

Please share the flyer below with your group and for more information you can go to

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