New Fitchburg Loving Parent / Inner Child Meeting – EVERY WEDNESDAY

The Fitchburg Loving Parent / Inner child Workshop now meeting on the following days:

  • EVERY Wednesday @ 7:00pm
  • EVERY Thursday @ 12:00
  • EVERY Saturday @ 11:00

The Leadership guide is easy to follow, so that anyone can feel comfortable leading the meetings. If you can read you can lead….

After all, a dialogue with the “Loving Parent” and “Inner Child” is the (Chapter 8 – Solution; Becoming Your Own Loving Parent) in the Big Red Book. As the solution states: “You will recover the child with in you. Learning to love and accept yourself.”

Integration of the Inner Child into the Adult Self is the definition of becoming “Whole”.

Come join us in our journey from discover to recovery.

Darth Vader says to Luke, “I am your father”. Luke says, “NO, NO, That can’t be true.” And then Darth Vader says… “Search your feelings you know them to be true!” Luke says “That is impossible, Nooooooo”

You can download a flyer describing this new meeting here.



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