Proposals for 2021 ACA Annual Business Conference

The 2021 ACA Annual Business Conference will be held on Saturday, April 24th and Sunday, April 25th. In preparation each year the ACA community is given the opportunity to submit proposals to be considered during the Business Conference.

Those proposals have now been returned for our consideration. Each group has an opportunity to determine their own consensus on whether or not each proposal should be on the Conference agenda for consideration. Each meeting is autonomous, so each meeting will have the opportunity to vote online on these proposals from February 15 through March 31.

The ACA WSO offered 3 Town Hall meetings where the proposal submitters were given a chance to give more information about their proposals. Six proposals were presented at each Town Hall.

The Town Halls were held on Jan 24th, Feb 1st and Feb 6th and were recorded for later viewing.

During February and March please take time to consider these proposals in your meeting so you can participate in the direction of the WSO.

You can find links to the recordings of the town hall sessions, the proposals in five different languages and the ballot to record your group’s vote on the ACA WSO website at:

Your group has an opportunity to vote until March 31.



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