Yesterday afternoon we discussed the proposals that met the threshold for discussion at the ABC. We brought proposals 3, 4, 6, 8, 9, 10 and 13 to the floor for discussion. To map the numbers to proposal language please refer to the proposals document that has been previously uploaded. This will be updated as motions are returned from breakout groups

  • Proposal 3
    • Referred to a breakout group after discussion
    • Referred it back to the Service Network Committee for word smithing.
  • Proposal 4
    • This proposal (technically) failed with the knowledge that the WSO Board is already currently in the process of updating the copyright.
  • Proposal 6
    • Was referred to a break out group for additional consideration and for a motion to be returned.
    • The motion that was submitted was: We move that we direct the literature committee to create educational resource(s) to assist adult children with establishing healthy safe boundaries. And passed.
  • Proposal 8
    • Referred to a breakout room for further discussion and a motion to be proposed.
    • This was further discussed and a motion was created which did not pass. So this proposal does pass.
  • Proposal 9
    • This motion failed
  • Proposal 10
    • Passed by floor vote
  • Proposal 13
    • The board is already in the process of revisiting branding. Consensus was to support the continuation of that work



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