Serenity Bookstore Orders Due December 31

One of the services that the Intergroup provides for meetings in our area is to help groups save on WSO literature and materials.

Each meeting can order materials through the Intergroup and save 10% off list and get free shipping when you pick up at the Intergroup business meeting shipping costs nothing.

So take a look in your meeting closet and take inventory on what you will need to help supply your group as we begin 2023.

We’ve sent out an email to Meeting Contact persons and Intergroup Representatives with the Serenity Bookstore order form attached. If you are a contact person or IG rep and have not received this email with the bookstore order form please send a note to with your email and group City, Day of week and time (and your WSO number if you know it) so we can update our records and send you a link to the form.



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