Thus it begins…

I am Jeff F, Corresponding Secretary for the West Great Lakes ACA Intergroup (WGLACA) and the 2020 WGLACA Representative to the ACA Annual Business Conference and ACA World Convention. Today, I’ve officially registered for this event, to be held in Boca Raton, Florida, from April 23-26. This is the Annual Meeting for ACAs worldwide. The theme this year will be “The Power of Sharing.” At this meeting we will make decisions that will direct the work of the WSO for the coming year (and beyond) and have an opportunity to sit in on speakers and programs directed at ACA recovery from around the world. Some of the programs that our Intergroup has brought to ACAs here in the past have come out of speakers and programs that we were introduced to during this annual meeting in previous years.

Last year the event was held in Malmo, Sweden and Jan R was our representative. The recordings from that meeting are still available on the World Convention web site by clicking here. I guess the best bet for me will be to listen to a few more of these in the coming months to get a flavor for myself and to prepare for what is to come.

I hope to help you join me in the experience this year though this “live blog” that I’ll update leading up to and during the event and perhaps introduce you to additional resources for your recovery to which we are introduced. Stay tuned. There is much more to come, particularly, as we get closer to the date.



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