Write a Share for Ready Set Go (by 12/1)

The Ready Set Go program is collecting shares for its expanded program.

See the flyers below for full information:

We invite you to share your experience, strength and hope a bout how RSG has worked in your ACA recovery in 400 words or less.

Make up your own topic or use these suggested topics:

  • Experiencing the ACA 12 Steps with RSG Meetings
  • A Lifelong Journe
  • Bridging the Gap of Devastation and Turmoil
  • Leaving Fear and Anxiety Behind Us
  • Seeking to be Happy, Joyous and Free
  • Reaching the Goal of Freedom from the Past!!
  • How RSG has Worked in My Recovery in ACA

Please, include your first name, if you like,
and the date you wrote your share with your titled share.

Send your share and signed release form to Toni

Deadline Dec. 1, 2017

Flyer: Suggested Topics

RSG Copyright Release Form



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