Make Paypal Donations – Fee Free

Having the ability to make donations to the West Great Lakes ACA Intergroup (WGLACA) by credit card has made donating very convenient and the item on the right sidebar has provided a Donate button and, for you techies, a QR code for quite some time. These links provide a convenient way to donate to the Intergroup using a credit card. But what if you have a Paypal Account, isn’t it supposed to be Fee Free? Yes, it is but you may not know the “trick” to paying directly from your Paypal account and avoid the fees.

There are a couple of requirements:

  • You must have a paypal account.
  • The money you want to donate must be in the account. (You can transfer from your connected bank account and then donate)

If these two requirements are true then please check out these instructions and send your money through your Paypal account and avoid the fees.



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