Paypal Donations – Fee Free

How can I donate to the West Great Lakes ACA Intergroup without paying transaction fees?

Having the ability to make donations to the West Great Lakes ACA Intergroup (WGLACA) by credit card has made donating very convenient. However, we’ve had a number of people who have wondered how to donate so that the Intergroup gets all the money, without paying fees.

There are a couple of requirements:

  • You must have a paypal account.
  • The money you want to donate must be in the account. (You can transfer from your connected bank account and then donate)

If both of those things are true, please, read on. This article won’t discuss how to open a new paypal account or how to transfer money into your account, but once it is in there this article will show you the trick to avoiding fees. Please note: this article does not discuss the Paypal app that you might use on your phone. This article assumes you are on your desktop computer or tablet and accessing Paypal through your browser (Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, etc)

First, log into your Paypal account at

Once you log in, on your dashboard you should be able to check your Paypal balance. Make sure your money is in the account. In some cases if you’ve just made the transfer it will take some time for the balance to appear in your account.

The menu at the top has an option called “Pay & Get Paid.” Click on that options and the menu will drop down to reveal additional choices.

Click on “Send Money.” The next screen will ask you for, among other things, an email.

You will need to enter the email and press the Next Button. (You can also enter @wglaca) A dropdown may appear confirming the account associated with the email address. If so click the “West Great Lakes Adult Children of Alcoholics Intergroup.” In this case you may not have to click Next. Your next screen may look like one of the two following. Just be sure you have spelled the email address correctly.

Enter the dollar amount you’d like to donate and under the amount you will see “add a note”. Here you can enter the Location, Day and Time of your meeting. If you have the meeting number you can add it as well. You will see I have added “Fitchburg, Friday, Noon,” my meeting.

Click Continue.

Here is the trick! The next screen is a confirmation screen before you send your money. Under the amount, at least the first time, it will probably say “Paying for an item or service.”

If you click the “Change” link, you will have the opportunity to make a change that will eliminate your fees. Click “Change“. One of the options you will be given is “Sending to a friend”

Click that box and click “Send Payment Now”


Now when the treasurer receives the money no fees will be taken out and the whole amount will go the the Intergroup.